Family Attractions in Montgomery

Family Attractions in MontgomeryWhen you consider how busy your schedule is in addition to all the school and extracurricular activities the kids are involved in, it's a wonder you all have time to sit down and share a meal together every night. So, with that in mind, creating special family time becomes all the more essential. But sometimes it can be a challenge to make that familial gathering fun. Luckily, when you're in Montgomery, there are several family-friendly attractions that are so entertaining and educational that your time together will surely be the stuff that great memories are made of!

Go on a really wild adventure when you explore the attractions at the Montgomery Zoo. Established in 1920, the zoo has consistently maintained an incredibly high level of excellence that the whole family will feel the minute you walk through the front gates. Montgomery Zoo sets itself apart from other zoos by the most obvious fact that the animals are allowed to wander freely and interact with visitors. The kids will absolutely love this level of interactivity, and mom and dad will appreciate the fact that the kids can learn about over 800 animals that are part of this nationally recognized facility.

Address: 2301 Coliseum Parkway, Montgomery, Alabama 36110 - MAP
Phone: (334) 240-4900

Sometimes when your kids get antsy and irritable, the best remedy is to let them run around outside and play for awhile. Montgomery's Vaughn Road Park is the perfect attraction for just that. This is a kid-friendly park and offers several large, expansive areas as well as state-of-the-art jungle gyms and other fun activities that will entertain even the most restless child. There are also plenty of great places to enjoy a picnic or just sit and watch the kids enjoy themselves.

Address: 3620 Vaughn Road, Montgomery, AL 36106 - MAP
Phone: (334) 625-2300

Teaching the kids about history can sometimes be a next to impossible task. But when history comes to life as brilliantly as it does when you visit Old Alabama Town, you and your family can travel back in time on a truly unforgettable adventure. Old Alabama Town is a collection of authentically restored 19th and 20th century structures that cover six city blocks. This nearly cinematic group of buildings will capture everyone's imagination. See gristmills, stores, a one-room schoolhouse and lots more, plus costumed guides that give a voice to the stories and history this unique attraction vividly evokes.

Address: 301 Columbus Street, Montgomery, AL - MAP
Phone: (334) 240-4500

Montgomery does have its share of the unexpected, and a prime example of that is the MOOseum. Sponsored by the Alabama Cattlemen's Association, this free educational center is located near the State Capitol and utilizes videos, exhibits and pieces of memorabilia to underscore the importance of cows and cattle. The back half of the museum attraction features a big amusement area that has a play kitchen, rodeo gear and saddles and a big stuffed cow. The kids will just love it!

Address: 201 Bainbridge Street, Montgomery, AL - MAP
Phone: (334) 265-1867

The whole family can reach for the stars when you visit the W.A. Gayle Planetarium. This fascinating attraction offers several presentations and exhibits that bring the wonder of outer space clearly within reach. The planetarium opened in 1969 and after undergoing a significant renovation now offers visitors a captivating look at space with the aid of 22 video projectors, a new sound system and the innovative use of Laser Light Shows.

Address: 1010 Forest Avenue, Montgomery, AL 36106 - MAP
Phone: (334) 241-4799