Montgomery Attractions

Montgomery's most essential attractions run the gamut from places that are as historically significant as they are invitingly beautiful. The city was the backdrop against which some of the country's most significant events took place. These were vital moments that went on to shape our views of equality and freedom. Additionally, the southern charm of Montgomery is quite obvious in various other attractions like gardens, museums and notable sites that give the area its unmistakeable identity.

The Rosa Parks Library and Museum duly honors this highly lauded civil rights heroine. The impressive facility also offers visitors a chance to better understand the incredible significance of her refusal to give up her seat on the bus on that fateful day. Among the various exhibits and attractions, you'll learn about how Rosa Parks' defiance sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott which was inextricably linked to the Civil Rights Movement.

Address: 1276 Rosa L Parks Ave, Troy State University, Montgomery, AL 36108 - MAP
Phone: (334) 241-8615

Most zoos give you a chance to get close to the animals that are housed there. But the Montgomery Zoo takes that idea one step further. The facility features unique, barrier-free exhibits and attractions that let the animals move about freely to interact with visitors. This is also the only North American zoo to feature coyotes and bears together in a natural setting. In all, over 800 animals, including a family of chimps and exotic birds in a giant walk through flight cage all make their homes here.

Address: 2301 Coliseum Parkway, Montgomery, AL 36110 - MAP
Phone: (334) 240-4900

The Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts is one of the oldest museums in the state of Alabama. With that distinction comes the facility's equally impressive collection of American paintings and sculpture. You'll also find an equally notable collection of Old Master prints, southern regional art, as well as several pieces of eye-catching decorative arts. There are also several traveling exhibits and attractions that add to the overall scope of the work that is presented here. Additionally, the museum is situated on beautiful grounds, adjacent to an inviting lake; so after you take in the fine artwork inside, enjoy some natural beauty during your visit, too.

Address: 1 Museum Drive, Wynton M. Blount Cultural Park, Montgomery, AL 36117 - MAP
Phone: (334) 244-5700

The Great Gatsby is considered one of the most essential works of American literature. Its author, F. Scott Fitzgerald, was an equally interesting figure who made his home in Montgomery. Get a detailed look at his life and work when you visit the Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Museum. This structure was once rented by the famous author and his wife in the early thirties. The home's historical significance is augmented by a highly detailed restoration that includes various items that once belonged to the Fitzgeralds.

Address: 919 Felder Avenue, Montgomery, AL 36106 - MAP
Phone: (334) 264-4222

Embark on an historical journey when you pay a visit to the Alabama State Capitol. This structure was built in 1851 and was both the state Capitol and the Capitol of the Confederacy during the American Civil War in 1861. There are several exhibits and attractions that underscore the vital role that Alabama played in the history of the United States.

Address: 1 Dexter Avenue, Montgomery, AL 36104 - MAP
Phone: (334) 242-3935

Hank Williams was an unmistakeable forefather of country music, and his creations and legacy are celebrated to great effect in the Hank Williams Museum. Williams is linked to Montgomery as he won his first talent show here at the Empire Theatre and also gave his last performance here just three days before his death. The museum attraction features an amazing collection of memorabilia and mementos that tell the story of the life and work of this true musical legend.

Address: 118 Commerce Street, Montgomery, AL 36104 - MAP
Phone: (334) 262-3600

No visit to Montgomery is complete without seeing the three historic downtown streets that make up the Garden District. Some of the most beautiful and historic homes in the city can be found here as well as the Governor's Mansion and other interesting landmarks and attractions. Neoclassical, Greek revival and bungalow-styled homes can all be seen here. The district is perfect for an afternoon stroll or Sunday drive.

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A visit to Montgomery's Oakwood Cemetery Annex is as historically interesting as it is somewhat eerie. This cemetery dates back to the 1800s and is the burial site for many of Alabama's forefathers. Hank Williams is buried here, as memorialized by a stone-carved cowboy hat that marks his gravesite. This is a great stop to learn about Montgomery's history from a totally unique perspective.

Address: Montgomery, AL
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